Unkamits Path section 7 (white blaze) in Russell from Carrington Road to “the rock” on Mount Shatterack Blue Rock, currently painted to support our police. Breathtaking views East of Mount Tekoa and Westfield, South to Blandford, and West to the Southern Hilltowns(best view ever) and even the Taconics and New York. Littleville Lake can be seen, Huntington green bridge and more. We wanted to stay all day! Trail is an 800 foot elevation gain climb with some rock scrambling. Pull off parking on Carrington Rd just after Russell Main Street Bridge look for white blaze on gaurdrail for trailhead. #hikethehilltowns with the #westernmasshilltownhikers on the #unkamitspath which is a whte blazed trail from Westfield to Lee through the Southern Hilltowns maps at www.westernmasshilltownhikers.com