Shatterack Waterfall Tour

Shatterack Waterfalls Tour in Montgomery. All five waterfalls are located along an old cart path road, park at Russell Road in Montgomery at the barricade, walk in on Russell Road take the first left onto the cart path downhill all the way, hear the brook on your left, working on the map! 2.5 miles one way. #hikethehilltowns with the #westernmasshilltownhikers this is also in Christy Butler’s book Berkshire Destinations look for it on Amazon it has some great adventures in it complete with maps and gps!

General Knox Trail Otis

🇺🇸we were invited to walk the 1764 survey of the General Knox Trail by Thomas Ragusa of the Otis Historical Society to gps and waypoint sites on the route on the Otis section. . The purpose of the Hike was to record the Road – Trail and sites of interest for Ma. Historical Commission and to nominate the Knox Trail as National Historic Place with the Department of Interior.We started at station #1 Black Oak and continued the 3.7 mile journey on “ye trodden path” to cellar hole #1, cellar hole #2, the 65 miles to Albany marker, by Big Pond where General Amherst and 200 hatchet men in 1758 widened the path for cart travel, the Latimer House, the 1927 Knox Trail Monument, the Louden School, Station #20, Isaac Webster saw mill, The Great Rock, burial spot of General Burgoyne’s soldier, to Station #33 the East Shore of the Farmington River which is the oldest site recorded; the encampment of Benjamin Wadsworth in 1694 where a group of 50 camped overnight on August 9th/10th on their way to Albany to sign a treaty with the five Indian nations.🇺🇸#hikethehilltowns with the #westernmasshilltownhikers #hilltownhistory