Round Top Hill

Follow a section of Unkamit’s Path (white dot), a white blazed scenic trail which includes the top of Round Hill a grassy open summit with spectacular 360 degree views, the highest point in Hampden County elevation 1,780 feet and 5th highest in Massachusetts. You will stumble apon the benchmark and register and sign the guestbook. There is a unique forest of hickory and juniper trees. The land is adjacent to Chester Blandford State Forest and thousands of other acres of conservation land. This hike has a 400 foot elevation gain to the summit, be prepared for uphill climbing as well as the continuous amazing view along the edge.  There are signs guiding you along the way.  Mid way to the summit the trail tees off.  Signage guides you to each trail.  There is a less steep orange blazed fire road which descends back to Round Hill Road, the two trails make a loop if you cant make it to the summit.  At the summit you will find the triangulation of US Geological markers.  At that point you will be at the highest elevation in Hampden County.  Views at the summit include the white church in Blandford, Gobble Mountain in Chester, Chester Blandford State Forest and the ridge of the Becket Quarry.  Unkamit’s Path (white dot) continues from the summit along the ridge of Round Top Hill and takes you to Hampden Street in Chester, also the Chester Becket Railroad trail and the Town of Chester walking map Trails.  Cross route 20 at Hampden Street to the two yellow bollards around a hydrant and find the continuation of Unkamit’s Path up to Gobble Mountain.20180325_1430221897517464.jpg20180325_213941780612063.jpgreceived_10215773616957424254571736.jpeg20180324_1439461922541243.jpg20180323_160413296617429.jpg

Park at the State Road parking lot of the Chester Blandford State Forest off Round Hill Road.  Take Route 20 or Route 23 to Blandford Road in Chester turn onto Round Hill Road (Blandford Town Line). Plan for two hours to loop the entire trail. Please be aware that there are no facilities at the trail.