Our Adventures 2019

Yokun Ridge North March 2019

We wanted to find the vista on the ridge, that black dotted trail that is shown coming off the Burbank Trail to the right.  We head out from Chester and its sunny and warm and of course foggy, cloudy and cool up at Olivia’s Overlook with ice and snow.  We hiked the ridge of the Burbank trail, take a left at the fork. Where the loop continues downhill to the pine forest section of the trail, we went straight on a logging road the scenery changed to mostly mountain laurel and hardwoods then dropped steeply downhill, we realized we were approaching watershed land and heading to the Lenox Reservoir.  Turned around went back up and of course we at that point noticed mountain bike tire tracks and a footpath veering off in the right direction.  Noticed there was a cairn at the turnoff on the way back.   This footpath is amazing! mostly large rock base with rolling hills, in about fifteen minutes after walking through two small gorges we saw the most amazing sight!  Vista overlooks Parsons March, and straight down the valley East.  Two hours for the full trip, Burbank Trail loop and vista trail visit.



Monterey Land Trust February 2019

Just over the Otis town line on M. Hunger Road is a lovely hidden gem of a trail.  We found a large parking area at the kiosk and started from there passing a huge rock formation and then through winding trails full of stone formations and a diversified forest.  First vista is all vista!  Views are on both sides of the trail of Lee, the Catskills and the Western Hilltowns as you walk, we found two actual viewing vistas, both incredible, one on a giant rock.  We explored down the mountain as well and found a few loops and deer ran in front of us across a lower trail.  This is a two to three hour hike however there are sections of this conservation area we did not get to in one day, so we are going back of course.  At the parking lot we were told to take a right and walk briefly down Mt. Hunger Road to another trail entrance which has a breathtaking ten foot high rock face wall to hike on top of, and even further down the road there is a complete lower trail with ponds.

Mount Hunger Monterey