Hilltown Hiking Photos

Yokum Ridge South in West Stockbridge

Chester Blandford State Forest

Keystone Arch Bridges Trail

Keystone Arch Bridges Trail

Keystone Arch Bridges Trail

Housatonic River Stockbridge

Mary V Flynn Trail Stockbridge

Three Mile Hill Trail at Fountain Pond in Great Barrington

Becket Quarry

Ice Glenn trail Stockbridge

Knightville Flood Plain Huntington

Laura’s Tower trail in Stockbridge

Becket Quarry

Dorothy Frances Rice Sanctuary in Peru

Old Mill Trail Hinsdale

Knittel Conservation Trail in Blandford

Farmington River Trail Tolland State Forest Otis

Finnerty Pond Becket

Tyringham Appalachian Trail

Gobble Mountain in Chester

Knittel Conservation Trail in Blandford

Boulder Park in Chester

Sanderson Falls

Becket Quarry

Snow Mine Chester

Gobble Mountain in Chester

Chesterfield Gorge

Becket Quarry

Windsor Jambs

Bob’s Way

Bob’s Way

West Branch Westfield River Knightville

Knightville Flood Basin Huntington

Knightville Flood Basin Huntington



Newman Marsh Trail Chester

Greenwater Lake in Becket

Clam River Sandisfield

Appalachian Trail Tyringham

Appalachian Trail in Becket

Keystone Arch Bridge Trail Chester/Middlefield

Tyringham Cobble

Windsor Jambs


Big Pond in Otis


Bob’s Way Monterey

Windsor Jambs

View from Shatterack Mountain looking West in Russell

Overlook in Russell of Mount Shatterack and the Westfield River valley

Unkamit’s Path to Blair Pond Chester

Along the West Branch Westfield River Middlefield

Babcock Brook at Keystone Arch Bridges Trail


The Cut at Keystone Arch Bridges Trail


Littleville Lake, Huntington

Turtle Mountain in Russell

One of the Arches at the the Keystone Arch Bridge Trail, Chester/Middlefield

Glendale Falls, Middlefield


One of the vistas at the Newman Marsh Trail at Chester-Blandford State Forest

The Knittel Conservation Area in Blandford


The view while descending Unkamit’s Path from Round Top Hill in Chester

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